Australian Fashion


  1. Hope you guys enjoy this haul! Let me know what your favourite item was 🙂

    See you on Instagram!!@domminiqueamor

  2. Parramatta is far away from you? I assumed you were from South West Syd :(

  3. your style is everything Dom, loved the pieces you picked up! i was so
    underwhelmed by h&m as well – I did the same as you and just picked a top
    up from the mens section!

  4. ‘i’m not the fabric doctor, okay?’ hahahahah you are the best

  5. u picked up some cute pieces. now i cant wait to do my haul. missguided
    have rlly nice stuff as well.

  6. great haul dom! 🙂
    I would love it if you made a video of how you style that black pencil
    skirt! I find it really hard to make skirts causal if you know what i mean
    😛 So id love to see how you would wear it 😀 

  7. Lol the fabric doctor! And if you haven’t tried the brush cleaner from
    daiso (actually called “puff and sponge cleaner” go and get it!!! It’s the
    best!! ❤️

  8. Your fashion style is goals Dom! Everything you bought was so you! It makes
    me want to go shopping oops HAHA! Great video! :)

  9. Totally agree! I was super hyped that H&M and Forever 21 were opening in
    Australia, but didn’t end up buying anything from them. Totally loved them
    when I was overseas though =|

  10. Then there’s Adelaide…..nothing and no one comes here…….
    And it’s so expensive 

  11. subscribed ! because you know about nigo ! and raf simons btw just wait
    for ssense sales or other designer retailers to get rafs on sale or
    something :)

  12. How disappointing is the H&M at MQ!? It’s so unshoppable, and there’s
    literally nothing exciting there! I was so keen for it :'(

  13. literally wouldn’t buy anything you hauled and i think you need to check
    your sizing most of the items don’t seem like they fit right

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