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  1. You look awesome in every look. But that floral print dress… You are
    going to hurt them with that one. sexy

  2. Girl you have a nice shape and the outfits are absolutely fab.

  3. I luv all of the outfits! I like the fact you buy the correct size not too
    tight or too baggy

  4. Plus sized ? Girl boo u are curvy as hell. I can show u some gut lol. The
    items looked great on you. 

  5. Very cute outfits…and you look great in all of them. Love your “sexy
    classy” vibe! I follow the same concept in dressing. Everything doesn’t
    have to be on display to be sexy..keeping it classy always! And I love me
    some rompers, I have several casual ones but need some dressy ones to rock
    with heels. Any site suggestions let me know!!

  6. Miss April…OMG…you are curvalicious and bootylicious. Nothing more to

  7. Thanks for the bra tip. That’s always been an issue for me. 

  8. Girl. I’m so jealous of yall thrift stores. Our thrift stores in houston
    suck. Those are some nice trendy pieces you find. The price is nice too.
    Hell here its cheaper to buy clothes new than used.

  9. Diva, you rocking that floral dress, I really like that one. I’d have to
    wear at least 10 girdles for my tummy and side rolls, but you working this
    dress. I love the short jumpers but that tank dress from savers is the
    bomb and so cute!

  10. You look gorgeous in all of these outfits diva and I love the accessories.
    By the way April, my mother and I went shopping at our local Walmart and
    found some beautiful jewelry there. They have really put on their A game
    with the jewelry and they have some awesome necklace and earring sets
    staring from $5.00 to $10.00. You can’t beat that when you shop on a budget
    and the jewelry is not cheap looking either it is as nice as the jewelry at
    Jcpenney’s, Kohl’s or Forever 21. Nice look book video my friend. :)

  11. Everything was so cute and the outfits fit you great you got me wanting to
    go out and buy some rompers lol

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