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  1. Which was your favorite? Red, Pink, Black, or the bow back? Have a great

  2. I’m obsessed with you!! So buying that plaid jacket right this second! You
    give me everything I swear lol 

  3. Sarah, how do the studded strappy booties fit? I really want them but not
    sure about sizing when there are no half sizes. Hope you answer this, love
    you and your videos, you’re stunning!!

  4. Your beauty is mesmerizing <3 keep doing you because it's absolutely
    gorgeous :)) 

  5. why are you so perfect? and i have the exact plaid jacket with leather

  6. You look good in anything, no wonder you became a model!, amazing,,,,,,,,

  7. I am a fashion designer but I won’t have my clothing line ready for a few
    years. Id like you to model some of my clothes. I’ll contact you in a few
    years. :)

  8. They all looked fantastic on you! You are breath-taking! Love your smile!
    And great legs! I know you’re man loves to show you off!

  9. El tercero me parecio divino… asi divino…

  10. +Sarah I found your channel by chance and super glad I did your beautiful 

  11. U have to be a plus size model! Especially wity ur awesome body shapes! 

  12. Sarah you look stunning in all those dresses my favorites on you are the
    pink, black, and bow back, I’m trying to get my hair to grow back I want it
    to be almost as long as yours.

  13. Hey love love love all the outfits where can i buy the black bodycon dress
    with the tartan coat simply gorgeous…

  14. i loved all of them but i especially loved the red and black one :)

  15. Do you have a secret to making your legs look so good? Is it tanning? I am
    also plussized, and i hate the way my legs look in skirts, i feel like you
    can only see cellulite and fat. Please help ^^

  16. I really hope you see my comment… You are one of the most beautiful women
    I’ve ever seen!!! When the first clip of you in that red dress started my
    jaw dropped!! <3 You look stunning. :)

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