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  1. New Haul! Tons of stores, tons of stuffs. 😉 What video do you want me to
    film next?

  2. I’d like to see you do a haul from forever 21. More than anything I would
    like to see what kind outfits you put together.

  3. omg that floral Torrid top looked AMAZING on you! Your waist looks tiny!

  4. You looked really good in the vlogging camera, better than your actual
    camera lol

  5. Size 1, xxl, 18, 20??? American sizes are all over the place, how do you
    know what you are in each store? In the UK, we tend to be one size in most

  6. help…. I am a 34 J and I am in search of a lace bandu top that goes down
    low. I am a 14 or XL in shirts. Can you please tell me where you purchased
    the longer one.

  7. 18:10 isnt that a bit of a weird reason to get it? You only got it bc you
    had 50% off (which still made it expensive) even though you didnt need it
    at all and arent sure of it.. But who am i to judge that it does look
    really great on you just wondering how you can afford to make choises like
    that but im sure you got it all covered x

  8. I’m all over the metallic shoe thing! Love anything shiny or glittery haha
    🙂 Also, you seem like you’re a super sweet mama<3

  9. I’m a girl too, but I don’t get some other woman’s obsession with shoes.
    Like…do you really need a million pairs?

  10. OMG you had me DYING 4:48-5:20 I work at Target. I haven’t seen these yet
    but nnnn hmm girl you right, you right!! #showstoppah #bostonaccent

  11. I can’t stop staring at your eyeballs. So gorgeous 

  12. Subscribed within the first minute of the video! Your personality is so
    bubbly and I’m so happy I found your channel 🙂 Keep up the fabulous work

  13. Loll love you, your personality, and the things you film. Can you do a
    video on your career? You don’t gotta go into depth but I’m interested for
    going to college in communication but also want a YouTube / vlog things but
    not sure if you have any recommendation on what to take in college to
    really vs benefit me in the future 

  14. Oh the bra that’s my favorite bra as well sadly my lane Bryant doesent
    sell them
    In store so I have to order them online but there fantastic the girls look
    perfect. Never heard anyone else talk about it before seriously the best! 

  15. Those are my favorite Lane Bryant bras too! I am plus size but smaller on
    top than my butt/hips. Those bras give just enough padding to even me out
    but don’t look fake 🙂 Love the haul

  16. $650 for a fucking stroller?! Holy shit!!! For kids old enough that they
    can walk on their own?! $650?!? You could buy a goddamn car for them to
    drive around Disney for that much, holy shiittttt.

  17. i’ve been sitting here laughing for the past five minutes and you calling
    those wedges espadrilles lol, i literally am sobbing and ik I’m
    exaggerating but omg

  18. Wow you are a mom? U are so beautiful and look so young! Thought u are in
    college or something

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