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  1. What would you like to see featured in the next fashion video? 🙂 I’m
    thinking Wide Calf Boots or Plus Size Jackets/Coats. 

  2. I’d like this video a million times if I could…. Thanks SO much doll!
    LOVE it xxx

  3. now thats a cool wear. never knew they existed, my ex (shes a
    cosmetologist) who lived with me, was all into fashion and stuff, she
    never wore any. would have been cool if she did because i see foreplay
    written all over it! 

  4. Thanks so much for making these types of videos. Still trying to love my
    mommy body lol. 3 kids and I’ve got some lumps and bumps. 

  5. I’m not even plus size but I love watching your fashion videos lol good job

  6. I don’t understand why people rationalize being fat = being OK… is
    like saying having cancer is OK…..No, its not! obesity and cancer are
    both potentially life threatening!! yes, accept yourself and love yourself
    enough to WANT to rid yourself of all this fat and get healthy!

  7. I understand that this comment is kinda late but if you get to answer this
    im gonna be very grateful. By order of firmness, like nearly no bulges at
    all, how would you arrange them? Cause i really need one for our graduation
    ball thank you!

  8. So is the open crotch meant to be for using in the bathroom? Because that
    seems like a disaster waiting to happen. 

  9. Love your green eyes and the way you do your makeup! Thanks for sharing
    great tips with all of us, girls! Much <3 

  10. I struggle with using the restroom in my body shaper, do you remove the
    entire thing or use the crouch opening?

  11. I love the fact that you love the skin you are in In my neck of the woods
    you would be considered average size. I’m your size, have no health
    problems, mean on the salsa dance floor, and love myself. Keep doing you.

  12. Hi!

    I’m trying to find the best shapewear for high control! What would you
    reccomend for super high support!
    What size are you?

    Pernille from Denmark!

  13. Have you tried HookedUp Shapewear? It looked like it would work really
    well. Reviews were very good on it.

  14. Buy them in Jc penny or Macy’s you can use coupons ! I have the squeemy
    from fashion to figure and I use it all the time and I have one I wear to
    the gym and it is falling apart !! I only had it for about 2 years my other
    spanx I had for years about 5-6 years and they are perfect and i wash mine
    constantly. Don’t recommend the ones from fashion to figure not durable if
    you actually wear them a lot 

  15. Thank you for posting this. I’m getting married at the end of this year,
    and my gown is a bit form fitting through the tummy. I don’t want any
    lines/creases showing through my gown and am taking my grandmothers advice
    to get a “girdle” (lol) to keep everything smooth. Seeing shapewear on
    someone else is so helpful. At least I’ll have an idea of what to look for
    rather than aimlessly searching and getting discouraged.

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