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  1. ilysm loey. You never fail to put up a good video. Hands down the most
    genuine YOUTUBER I watch 😉 Also loooove your lipstick shade 

  2. Your humility will keep you going far : )

    congrats on all of your success.

  3. whats the deal with the shorts, I did not see a link or anything on the

  4. I love this look on very chic and make you look very striking 

  5. Idk if you struggle with chubrub when you wear shorts, but if you do, what
    do you use? love you <3

  6. If you think American drugstore make up is expensive don’t come to the UK,
    you will be horrified.

  7. Umm, hello. I’m new to this channel. And I want to know something, but
    don’t understand it wrong. You’re popular because you’re giving plus size
    people courage, right? I mean, I’m a plus size person too.

  8. Those lace shorts are so freaking cute! I just got that Avant Pop palette
    from Ulta…can’t wait until it comes in the mail 🙂 It looks so so pretty.
    And I was able to get it for $10 on sale! Totally worth it. I’ve really
    been loving my Too Faced Cocoa Contour, but now that I’ve seen SO many
    people raving about it, I think I’m definitely going to try out the Lorac
    contour kit when I hit pan on that one.

  9. You really don’t need to tell people that you’re plus size in fashion and
    beauty favourites there is no need to feel like you need to brace people
    for looking at a beautiful person xx 

  10. You are soooo gorgeous bella. And I love your personality. P.S. Lippie is
    the bomb on you!

  11. Just discovered your channel a few weeks ago and love it!

  12. Hey I love the angry cat behind you! What is the anime cat from? Fruits

  13. I just started watching youtube videos about 3 weeks ago and your by far my
    fav thanks for keeping it real oh by the way what kind of fake tanner do u

  14. I love love love that purple lip color on you! You’re stunning!

  15. you said bourgeois wrong omg but it’s fine I hate when people get mad when
    people don’t pronounce something right 

  16. Hola!! soy de Argentina y siendo honesta me cuesta aveces un poco seguirte
    por el idioma, pero igualmente disfruto viendo tus vídeos y me encanta tu
    actitud. Sos hermosa y pienso que con tus vídeos estas haciendo algo muy
    positivo para mujeres como nosotras. Gracias!!!

  17. The IT CC cream is one of the very few face products that break me out. Too
    much spf. 

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