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  1. I think that everything is gorgeous, but in my opinion, you should wear
    shirts that can cover your lower belly. Don’t get me wrong, please, I think
    you are beautiful, but sometimes bigger girls have to do some changes with
    what they’re wearing, so that everything fits perfectly. 🙂 but I love your
    confidence <3

  2. I absolutely love your fashion, I live in England so there’s not many good
    stores :/. You’re so pretty omg! I also loved the video! 

  3. lighter jeans make people look wider. dark jeans make you look slimmer

  4. Honestly I’ve never seen anyone wear jeans like that with fat hanging over.
    I get your showing clothes but I don’t believe you actually wear this out.
    You’d be a riot.

  5. I wear plus size but the belly hanging out is a nono for any size! u need
    to wear tops that hit the bottom of ur stomach but those are cute outfits

  6. It literally took me 20 seconds into your video to subscribe, your
    absolutely adorable.. Keep em coming gorgous!

  7. I really need to say this because it’s important to really understand what
    the difference is between anorexic and skinny and plus size and fat. This
    girl is not plus size she is extremely overweight. Just like a girl who
    weighs 90 pounds and is 5’10 is extremely underweight. When does plus size
    stop and it becomes too overweight??

  8. this is in no way “curvy” Im proud of you for having a great fashion sense
    but obesity is a serious issue and I don’t see this being any healthier for
    viewers than an anorexic girl making look books on youtube. This is NOT ok.
    I hope you love yourself enough to take control of your body.

  9. I’m sorry, but that pouch you have in the front is not cute and doesn’t
    look good with jeans or leggings. I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for
    this comment, but someone has to tell her. People need to learn how to
    dress for their body. 

  10. Does she has a disease?
    I don’t want to hate, but i need to write this down. I’m a skinny girl and
    a love high heels. But i don’t wear it. Why? Because they look horrible in
    my body. So… people need to learn how to dress to their body type.

  11. These first pants are super unflattering. Huuge difference between first
    two outfits, and the one with camo jacket. You look much, much better with
    darker bottom, but most importantly- when your shirt is longer. Oh and btw,
    this is the first time me watching your video, gonna check the other ones
    too cause you really seem lovely :*

  12. keep up the confidence girl ! You look gorgeous in all the outfits (: ! 

  13. Ewwww her lower belly looks like a butt!! It just hangs.

  14. What is she hiding in the front of her pants? A duvet? Fuck you’d have to
    have a meter long cock to even penetrate past the fat. Lemme guess, this
    lady don’t get much rompy-pompy.

  15. You should wear a top that covers your stomach it doesn’t look nice you
    need to go on a big diet ,

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