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  1. Please do a video on how to shop for clothing on ebay! Thanks. U look
    gorgeous love this Haul 

  2. Nice haul
    I went yesterday at primark (in france) I see the Last item you show us I
    did not like it but on you it’s amazing 

  3. I love watching your videos Chanel!!! You’re such an inspiration. God

  4. yaaaaas all about the look for less and cheap considering i am a student
    with no income at all (except frm my parents) and this video helped me so
    much i love this!! thanks chanel <3333

  5. I just love a plus size too,and i love bargains…i will now buy the
    skirt i just love them …i love george and f&f and i love new look

  6. I don’t know if forever 21 plus does international shipping, but they have
    nice clothes and decent prices…

  7. love this video! I’m definitely into beauty on a budget so this video was
    right up my alley. thanks doll

  8. Great haul and there’s a lot of things you can rock pretty well that i
    wouldn’t even dare… just me being insecure. Anyways, loved the video, and
    hope to see more of these in the future!

  9. loving these kind of videos of yours
    plz do the how to shop on eBay video and how to bargain shop for makeup!

  10. Love your haul Chanel! Yes, please do a video on how to shop on eBay! I
    used to be really good at it but I don’t think I am anymore lol.

  11. I loved loved loved your video ! What do you edit your videos with?

  12. I love it when you say its like Hannah leaveWeee……….aaaawwwww 

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