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  1. Thanks for the great video! Having not much plus size options here in
    Malaysia, h&m is my go to. I purchase both the plus and straight size but
    found that the plus size options aren’t as trendy as the regular so I just
    purchase the bigger items in the regular section. Gotta work with what we

  2. Umm I need to go to H&M asap. That last grey sweater? I want to live in

  3. H&M do some fabulous sales with some serious discounts! +ECACTV I love
    their sales! 

  4. What an incredible haul! And unbeatable prices too. What lipstick are you
    wearing, by the way?

  5. I found yoooooooouuu im sooo screaming lol yessss im so happy im a
    subscriber for life.

  6. i know this is a personal question but whats your waist size? like in
    ive always wanted to shop at h&m but i was always hesitant 

  7. I’m from NJ too, north jersey close to NYC…and man, this was an awful
    winter!!!! awesome haul

  8. I really wish I had you as a fashion stylist, I need help picking out what
    I wanna wear for my birthday in april

  9. I had no idea I could fit into H&M straight sizes
    I’m an 18/20 also. I always just avoided the store because I never thought
    I’d fit into anything!

  10. Great haul I’m also from Jersey but recently moved to pa the stores our
    here suck literally

  11. Have you tried any of their bottoms….are they true to size?

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