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  1. Sorry if the music is too loud it shouldn’t be but if it is sorry. I didn’t
    want to re upload it and take longer to get a video out to you. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the site Boohoo. This company is new to me . They have
    great items on the web site and for a good price.

  3. Lol. I have quite a few maxis already…I’m trying not to head to the card
    tho lol

  4. I love the romper & maxi dress!! Those are things I would normally pass up,
    but after seeing them on I would totally buy them. Great video! 

  5. I just ordered from boohoo this weekend! Thanks for sharing…you got some
    nice pieces! I love that stripe/floral jumpsuit! We have similar taste :)

  6. Hey new subbie. .great haul. Will be going to Web site. Lol. Love the short
    white dress. Thanks for sharing. 

  7. Errryting was slamming! Totally my style .Blessings!

  8. I just went on their site. They’re having a 30% off sale on their dresses
    today only. Use code FROCKITUP

  9. Yasss hunnie come thru! The maxi dresses and the cut off shorts look
    amazing on you.

  10. Seriously love you! I just got my first order from boohoo today. Some stuff
    fit and some didn’t, I’m not used to the UK sizing.

    Love love love your lip, shirt, and nail combo. 

  11. The romper from target and the last white dress were my favs on you babe!

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