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  1. Frustrates me how these women are considered plus size when the only
    difference between them and ‘normal’ models is that they’re not all bone,
    and represent average, real women.

  2. Where is black females model at? It’s not fair should be 50/50

  3. Amazing! These women are so fuckin sexy! The thighs on the first
    model…WOW! I would do alot of things to her…Love em curvy! 

  4. Penso che, in funzione dell’economia e anche dell’ecologia, per
    conquistare una bella ragazza come queste (veramente stupende) è meglio
    regalarle una autentica pellicce che portarla a cena fuori

  5. They are really beautiful women! By the way, does anybody know the name of
    this song?

  6. Yes, they are very good looking, but what about spanking such a plus size
    modell? How would that work out?

  7. Omg these models r sooooo pretty …a lot more prettier than those skinny

  8. I love being like these lady’s size and shape. I thank Jesus that we dint
    all have to look one certain way. 

  9. It feels good being a cuddly, curvy, warm, sift, fun, caramel,teddy bear.
    Woop Thank you for this video. This had given me a confidence boost!!!!

  10. I’m more cuddly shaped like the first model. This just gives me a big
    confidence boost.

    This helps me understand that a man would not find me disgusting our
    unworthy to marry because if my body.


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