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  1. The first dress looks amazing on you INDEED 🙂 I adore ASOS Curve!! Love
    from Berlin

  2. You are honestly so gorgeous!! I loved all the outfits you picked <3

  3. I love the pink/purple shirt! I saw Sarah Rae vargas showing it in a haul
    video and now you, it’s gorgeous! xo

  4. The white/black dress is so beautiful on you ! you are really pretty

  5. “A bird pooped on my arm” I wasn’t expecting that but I’m laughing so hard
    😂😭 oh loey I love you to death Hahahaa 😂👏 

  6. Very pretty! Loved that maxi dress girl!! You need to keep it!:) have a
    blessed day

  7. Far from me being a fashion guru, but the first one did not do it for me.
    However, as a male, I will never wear it. So… LOL .. The Maxi Dress was
    very nice — so was the last outfit…. Very nice …

  8. Loey please come to a curvy con in Florida. It would give me life!

  9. loving the contrast on that first piece! i didn’t think id wear it UNTIL
    you added the belt! Nice choice ;)

  10. Love your look books 🙂 you make me want to start filming some of these

  11. Hi! not if you will read this, my English is not very good, but just want
    to say that you are an inspiration to me , I love your confidence in
    yourself , that makes you a great person. Greetings from Chile , a new
    subscriber .

  12. Hey LoeyLane! I just want to tell you that I just started watching your
    videos less than two hours ago, and I just wanted to let you know that I am
    inspired to be fit because of the small videos you made. I just got back
    from jogging for ten minutes, and I’m going to stay doing it daily. I want
    to thank you for inspiring me. See ya later!

  13. Ok loved the last outfit, those jeans hit your ankles perfectly, but you
    didn’t say about those really cute sandals?? They are so cute!!

  14. Suppose to be good luck when a bird poops on you! 🙂 XO Love your vids.
    Your an inspiration for many. 

  15. You know that a lot of people believe that bird pooping on you is very
    very good luck xxx

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