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  1. Oh my god. You’ve won yourself a new subscriber! You are BEAUTIFUL and you
    have a great personality. Looking forward to all your videos! Xxx

  2. I’m looking for a sexy yet, semi covering swimsuit. Any ideas or what are
    the places you shop for swimwear? 

  3. I loved this video! Plus, it was a good mixture of everything from fashion
    to books to tape haha.

  4. Oh, and btw.. the stationary struggle is REAL. I have been going alllllll
    out in my Erin Condren planner!

  5. JESUUSSSS MAMA this makeup look suits you so well, you look stunning!!!
    And yasssss more videos like this.
    ps i love you 

  6. I must say, I love your style and how real you are. Thank you for being
    you, you have inspired me to step out of my shell and start my own channel.

  7. You can see right through your leggings… I’m always so paranoid about

  8. So I been hearing you talk about fashion to figure for awhile I never went
    to the site until today OMG I’m in love. The best part is there’s one only
    5mins away from me in GA. There clothes are so freaking cute and very
    affordable. Thanks for the info and all the clothes in your haul are really
    cute. Btw I only shop at torrid when there’s a sale lol because they’re so
    expensive but I love the quality of there clothes. 

  9. You are so damn gorgeous girl! I am legit obsessed with how fair your skin
    is. Weird, I’m aware. It suits you so well with your light eyes and dark
    hair. Lesbehonest 

  10. Omg! The little girl in thd bluish gray shirt looks like me when I was
    little but with not as curky hair, aawwwwww shes so cute <3

  11. Are there any other plus size stores you recommend? I used to shop at DOTS
    and now they aren’t in my area. I’ve never been to Lane Bryant or anything.

  12. Lol I’m going to go poop real quick funniest thing ever! great video I just
    found your channel new sub hey…yes I would love to see more these type of
    videos found some really cute items✨

  13. I’m a huge girl and my biggest wish is to try on all different styles of
    clothing. But the second I take off my band shirt and wear something else,
    I feel so damn naked lol. I admire your confidence and love your style,
    very comfortable and beautiful!

  14. we sound alot alike. i love books and reading too, has 3 kids,same fashion
    style. ect. kool.

  15. You are so pretty,i wish i had your face.. But i gotta call you on the
    leggins,im a european size 12,and i wouldn’t put leggins on,im even weary
    putting on jeans,i mainly wear dresses

  16. I was watching the video in all of sudden I heard you say downtown
    Naperville everybody only crap shes in the same state and literally like 15
    minutes away from me fan girled a bit and got it together 

  17. when she says size 1, what does she mean. Because the only size 1 i know is

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