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  1. Which decade is the most fashionable, what’s your favorite? Give it a
    thumbs up and leave a comment below.

  2. Oh my god 1995 to 2005 were awful, we came such a long way in 10 years.

  3. 100 Years of Men’s Fashion ??????
    this is: 100 Years of American’s Fashion !!!

  4. 1955 is just plan badass, like don’t even give a fuck about the others that

  5. I wish these went back older, since I really like men in various 1800s
    fashion. But of this set, I like 1945 best. What’s your favourite?

    And the women’s version is linked at the end of the video. It’s kind of
    funny how long gloves persisted for women. Can you even imagine having to
    wear white gloves as a matter of high fashion requirements now? If they
    hadn’t died off already, cellphones would’ve been the final nail for sure!

  6. 1930’s was best. No argument. 1945 did look nice also. 2005 was the worst. 

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  8. *The **Men’s Fashion** between #1915 & #2015!*

    In 100 years, a number of dress are gone under our eyes and have always
    been able to make beautiful and attractive the man.

    *Take 3 minutes of your time to see this video, i love it!*


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