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  1. If you’ve been on my channel a while you’ll know I did a video like this
    last year, but I’ve had a lot of requests to do an updated one so here it

    Personally I don’t always follow runway trends and often prefer ‘street
    style’ trends, so let me know if that’s a video you’d like to see as well

  2. I loved this! I could really tell the thought you put into these. I liked
    seeing the runway version translated into real life, it’s something I’m not
    as familiar with :)

  3. So excited for the 70’s trend-love your skirt! Have always loved gingham
    too 🙂 love how you styled these trends Katie! It would be awesome to see a
    street style video like the one I think you did this time last year? 🙂 I
    still think you’d make the perfect model for an online store or something.
    Have a lovely week xxx

  4. Loved the video! Always get so excited when I see you in my subscription

  5. Ahh I can’t get over how amazing your videos are Katie!! This is flawless

  6. those heels in the welcome to the jungle outfit were perfect! love them so
    much haha

  7. woah can’t believe its been a year since the last video! i love how you
    know your stuff – and you are rocking each of these trends! the 70’s trend
    totally suits you! I think I’m gonna try some gingham pieces, such a cute
    pattern x

  8. I honestly can’t pick my favourite outfit from this video, you smashed it
    with each one! I would love to see a street style trends video, I love
    runway fashion but I personally find street style more approachable xxx 

  9. I’m so excited for the long kimono/army green trend! I love both of those.
    They’re so versatile.

  10. Definitely agree on the 70s styles and the khaki, military inspired looks.
    I’ve seen quite a few lesser known designers base their entire pre-fall
    collections around these two lately, and I’m excited to see what comes of
    it commercially.

    Off topic, but in a Q&A you did a little while back, you mentioned how you
    were studying fashion online. Are you still enjoying it? I’m very tempted
    to explore that avenue myself, but then I see amazing, talented women like
    yourself killing it and just think “yep, there’s no way I’m up to that
    standard”. Basically, would you recommend it? Haha got there in the end x

  11. I absolutely love your fashion videos! I love your styling and I love your
    editing! Do you use Final Cut Pro, or something else? 

  12. These are the exact type of videos I’ve been wanting to make❤️ ily you are
    such an inspiration!

  13. This was great! I like that you have so much information! It’s funny how
    even before watching this and knowing nothing about fashion I could tell a
    few of these were in! You don’t even realise how they creep into your
    thoughts ☺️ great video as always! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Looooved every single look. Particularly excited to see styles from the
    70’s return.

  15. I loved all the looks but that last one blew me away I have those shoes in
    pink and a long light jacket .Im going to get this look out of my closet ,
    just so cute,I love your fashion style,

  16. Your video was featured on a Greek tv as the modern day women ;p it was
    about how women standards changed from the ’40 until nowadays:)

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