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  1. 2015 Fashion Trends!!! I’ve got 14 major fashion trends for 2015 packed
    into this video! Which trend are you most excited about?

  2. I would like to see an all bohemian trend more in debt since it is so big
    right now!

  3. I thought leather was out and it was all about suede and leather was out?
    That’s what I’m seeing on magazines… But I just had to wait for this
    video and I’m glad I did, but with lots of confusion. Spankie, help me! +

  4. You should make a video on purely self confidence. I’ve suggested it to you
    before through Instagram a long time ago. 

  5. Could someone please tell me what the song is at 0:05 at the start of the

  6. Best fashion Guru you are. Love your videos could you possible do a mix
    of Bohemian with the double skirt trend? 

  7. Hello! Spanky I like your videos but I want you to put subtitles on them.

  8. Super informative and super entertaining video♥
    And I would like you to Showcase a video on The Exotic Color MARSALA.. My
    Favorite Favorite Color in the whole world 😀 ♥

  9. Thank you for the trend vids, I would like to know how to rock white
    casual? xoxo :)

  10. This is literally the video to the cosmopolitan article for spring trends

  11. I really like the flowy shirt dress trend…But it would be nice to see how
    to use items we might already own (i.e. avoid trendy spending) to
    incorporate these new styles. For example, maybe try a tunic or mini dress
    belted over a skirt versus a skirt over a skirt. 

  12. Definitely an all bohemian look!! Love your vids! youre so fun. :))

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