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  1. The blue classic dress with the pearls, anyone can tell me its name? It`s
    gorgeous, I need to find it *__*

  2. I wish the Lolita style was more accessible outside of Japan, it’s truly
    beautiful and adorable. I personally have always loved the sweet, gothic,
    and traditional styles. I hope I can visit someday just to enjoy trying on
    the dresses. For now, I’ll try accessing to a more cute, feminine look with
    what I can find. Thank you for sharing this, I hope to learn more about the
    style so I can try it myself.

  3. I do love incorporating some sweet elements in Classic, occasionally. :)

  4. I don’t think “Traditional” is an own style, since you can wear Traditional
    Sweet, Traditional Gothic etc.

  5. i like how she count prince as a sub-style it makes the lolita community
    more open.

  6. Beginner’s Question:
    Are Scarves allowed in lolita if they match the coordinate?
    Can themes outside of the well known substyles like techno, egyptian, pin
    up, or others be used in Lolita while still following the shape and modesty
    rules or does that make it to Costume-ish?
    If we choose to wear wigs, what are some great stores that specialize in
    higher quality realistic looking wigs that are a little more expensive bot
    not overpriced?
    Any other advice? I’m a new wanna be lolita who is working 2 jobs to save
    up for her first coordinate. Thanks for reading this if you’ve gotten this

  7. Really impressive review she’s really a good stylist, eventhough we dont
    wear lolita style of fashion in the Caribbean but we do love tokyo fashion
    trends, its just so colorful n u can express ur self in any way fashionable
    as u like without anyone bashing or laughing at u. Tokyo fashion is like
    being free to do whatever u want.

  8. I would like to see her wearing this dress in a glass-lid-coffin with her
    eyes closed and hands over hands…Yes this sort of dead girl immediately
    dug up was the full reason for
    the cult of necrophilia which plagued the 18th century grave yards……
    When she lets down her long hair and curls it , it is below her
    Helmut, laughs at her, and says, but coughs, laughs his head off again,
    finally composes himself, then says.
    “Aren’t you a bit old for a hair style like that”……
    Marta’s head drops and her smile falls……
    He starts to bellow with laughter,
    The scene ends, and we never see her with hair anything like that again…

    What he was saying is what people think they understand…
    But, what he is saying is that, you should not try to look sexually
    attractive or young or innocent in any way now that you are married…….
    You are now supposed to look a like brood mare or a fat old cow…..
    only the young and virginal are allowed to dress pretty as they are
    and show this with pretty for a boyfriend/future husband….

    You are mutton dressed up as Lamb……is the common expression.

    But not so, if you see the movie, you will know that Martha remains a
    virgin throughout the picture….
    After sex with Helmut, she is seen crying and weeping in pain and
    She never knew that that hole was used for sex…..Thus sex was always
    painful and left her afterwards in tears and sobbing…..
    She always thought the front hole of a girl was used in sex, not the back
    She is confused, in shock and in severe pain as she explains this to the
    viewer as she explains her state, herself, to Helmut……..
    So in truth,
    as a female, she is still a virgin……
    and enjoys only pain, humiliation, disgust and horror at sex with Helmut….

    But she knew before she married him that Helmut,
    That Helmut ….ah
    That Helmut was……
    That Helmut,
    WAS A SADIST!!!!
    The movie ends with her, a paraplegic in a wheel chair,
    being pushed home from the hospital,
    by Helmut…..
    To at least, now a sex life,
    Hopefully without pain,
    without any feeling at all…

  9. Sweet is by far my favorite substyle but the merry making in the ghost town
    dress she’s wearing in the Gothic segment is my ultimate dream dress, but
    alas it is rarely for sale T__T

  10. *cries in the beauty of the store* why cant we have these here!!!! QQ

  11. My favorites are Traditional, Classical and Gothic, I really like those
    I hope one day to be able to dress Lolita on a more regular basis. I don’t
    get out much, but even just going to the grocery store I’ve been trying to
    dress up a little. One day I hope to be able to do Lolita more often (or at

  12. i can’t believe that “BABY,the stars shine bright” actually exists..!I
    have heard of it in the movie Shimotsuma Monogatari but i thought it was a
    store/brand made for the movie and not an actual one!Gawd i was wrong!.Even
    now I find it hard to believe such an amazing place actually exists >x<!

  13. Hi, can you do a video for different types of gyaru? Maybe the popular type
    of gyaru. Thank you. 

  14. Prince style is my absolute favorite! I’m so glad they showed it, it’s
    often overlooked!

  15. Where can I go to buy Prince style lolita clothes? Is there an online store
    where I can have them imported? I have yet to find a store that sells
    lolita style clothing in Canada. I should open one

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