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  1. What’s your favorite Japanese street fashion or subculture?

  2. guys, why did you leave out visual kei. it’s the most badass fashion/music
    movement to come from japan

  3. LOL, Lolita is the opposite of ‘sexualising’ little girls. If you believe
    that then it’s your mind that is in the gutter. Real Lolita’s don’t go
    around wearing the fluffy fucking dresses so people can think about having
    sex with them, it’s like a ‘cute’ fashion that THEY wear for themselves.
    It’s people who look at these girls wearing knee length skirts and bloomers
    and seeing sexual things. Get YOUR mind out of the gutter people.

    But srs, Ganguro started out as the coolest unconventional rebellion ever!

  4. LolIta, only there were more of this fashion in America. Like boutiques and

  5. I have some lolita skirts etc. because my sister lives in Japan and bought
    me clothes as gifts (my sister always wears lolita) and my boyfriend
    doesn’t like lolita :(

  6. Its so weird that you used non-Asians at times to present Asian fashion. It
    just makes them look silly.

  7. Every type of lolita is sooooo cute! I wish I could dress that way, but all
    the custom clothes and corsets cost far too much for me to afford ;-;

  8. Well I think the Kogal was a bit wrong but I am not sure. Because in Asia
    the Standard beauty is fair skin. Because people with really tanned skin
    (In acient China idk how about Japan that’s why I am saying not sure) were
    considered poor. And fair skin was considered rich. 

  9. I just need to clarify that we Japanese people are not as weird as
    Americans misconceptualize us to be. And when we are, it’s in a good way.

  10. Can boys wear lolita (make it shota-ta) too? I really like cute things and
    the Victorian era.

  11. I knew all of these since I’m fascinated with Japan,

    but gawd Lolita is so expensive

  12. I never understood the Ganguro style but I like the reasoning behind it.

  13. I like Lolita of course! It’s so cute! But of course it wouldn’t look right
    on me cause I’m Black :'(

  14. Is it weird that I think Kogal is cool, in its own way of course.

  15. My basic Chinese training tells me that the phrase at the end says ten
    people ten colors. Can someone explain what it means?

  16. The Ganguro style or whatever it’s called looks a lot like Nicki Minaj
    looks kinda nice I guess 

  17. please remember. never judge. all are beautiful. arigatou gozaimasu <3

  18. If I dress up like that, here in my country, they gonna start with their
    judgment and bother me, so annoy. I going to move! >n<

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