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  1. This is the stereotypical 80’s look…trust me, women only wore that during
    a short flash dance fad and to gyms

  2. She does not look 80’s, her hair is too modern the make up took and that
    headband too she looks like a hot mess about to go for a run

  3. I grew up in the 80s. Head bands were in back in the 80s. so were leggings.
    They had cutoff shirts and sweaters, tube tops, spandex, big earring and
    lots of bangel bracelets were in. Bright red lipstick and lots of neon
    eyeshadow was in. So was the teased hair and bangs.

  4. As long as you are good looking and hot, you can wear anything..That’s the
    truth. If you are fat and ugly, you will look crap anyway.

  5. HAHAHAHA “thank god we don’t wear leggings now” ha now they’re all over the

  6. Unitards and headbands were only around for a small portion of the 80s not
    the whole decade. In fact, it was mostly a transitional look from the late
    70s into the early 80s when physical fitness was a fad. By 1985 the styles
    moved in another direction.

  7. when this 80s comeback trend ends in the early 2020s 2000s fashion will
    return get ready for pig tails and tall tees 

  8. My brain is way too aware of how often she says 80s. Helpful vid though!

  9. Wow!! Not even close!! No woman in the 80’s would ever think of having such
    flat hair, expect maybe in Jan of 1980. It was poofy big hair, to where you
    needed a trailer to haul it in. Bracelets were big, clothes were loud and
    leg warmers over the leggings. Sigh. 

  10. that girls face tho. she doesnt even have a real smile

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