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  1. Whenever I see someone who has their pants sagging I always think they had
    a little accident and the weight is pulling the pants down. xD

  2. Wasn’t there a Tom and jerry episode called the zoot suit?

  3. Why is it when you’re famous any trend you do is acceptable

  4. I think disco suits, zoot suits and one shoulder overalls look awesome
    I think the one shoulder overall is cute if a girl wears it 

  5. I swear on my parents live ill like this comment and subscribe (can’t
    unsubscribe or unlike either)

    U swore ,now do it

  6. just wear whatever you want. if the fashion police don’t like it… tough

  7. actually the one shoulder overalls are a trend right now (at least in The
    Netherlands they are)

  8. Weaves are normal to black women we have always used it so no one should
    past any rude comment on that.

  9. Sagging pants is nice if you do it with a oversize t-shirt like XXL shirt

  10. Justin Bieber = complete retard. I mean come on he sagging so low that he
    looks like he has a poo in his pants. He is complete trash and a complete
    douche. Seriously. Sorry but thats my opinion

  11. track suits and to some extent even shell suits are still very popular in
    my country :(

  12. opinions! elitism! there’s a bunch of these I think are cool,

  13. Oh man, you don’t know how much I hate Saggy Pants, especially kids that
    follow that trend… Oh my.

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