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  1. Can you please do western hairstyles vs korean hairstyles. For ex: westerns
    dont dye their hair often and when they do, most of them stay away from
    crazy unique colors. Red is as far most dye their hair. Westerns stop
    wearing two ponytails in grade 6 or Elementary School.

  2. About the cleavage part. I have to agree that we americans show a lot of
    it. The top part that is. But as for our skirts, they’re definitely not as
    short as the asian ones. You can almost see their panties! We might wear
    short shorts, but not many walk around with super short skirts.

  3. I don’t agree with the whole leggings thing. It’s considered a fashion faux
    pas to wear leggings as pants in the west too. You need a long top to cover
    the butt. The only difference is that sooo many people don’t give a damn
    about such things in the west- but it still does not make it an okay thing
    to do/wear. Leggings aren’t pants. NO matter where in the world you are.

  4. I love the Korean style. I say Koreans have a better fashion sense than
    most people in the US (even though most of the ideas originated from the
    American style)! Btw, great video, I loved it^^

  5. You’re so pretty and your style is GORG. I do have a request though, fill
    in your brows with a lighter BROWN. Your hair is so light but your eyebrows
    are grey! Besides that, you’re flawless!

  6. Tip 1: No cleave but you can show off all the legs you want, just can’t
    show off the girls. It’s also the same with Japan.

  7. It’s also hard to compare American fashion because there’s a difference
    between regions and cultural groups within the country. For example: West
    Coast vs East Coast vs Midwest. Hip-Hop vs Indie vs Preppy. 

  8. Not to be rude or mean, but I thought the things said about American
    fashion was very inaccurate. I feel that you can never compare American
    fashion just because there is no one specific “in” type of fashion here.
    But I do think the fashion you were talking about was probably easy coast
    because I live in the west coast and no one wears these things

  9. People show cleavage at a funeral in the US? I haven’t gone to many
    funerals but really? Why?!

  10. The whole reason why it’s like that in Korean (with the rights and cleavage
    showing) is becuz asia does have alot of peeves and rapist sothey stare
    when you dress “out of line” becuz it’s like: do you WANT to get raped??

  11. i love korean fashion but what you said is kind of inaccurate, i think lol.
    you mentioned something about cleavage and mini skirts being okay in the
    states but no so much in korea… ummmm in korea i see girls wearing mini
    skirts almost every day and idk if they are korean but ive seen many asian
    girls in the states wearing short shorts with half their butt cheeks
    hanging out. also i think if a “typical” korean girl and “typical” american
    girl were to wear the same v neck shirt, the american girl would probably
    have a lot more cleavage to show… not trying to be offensive. I have no
    cleavage to show lol. However, I agree with what you said about knowing
    what fits your body and flaws etc. many girls dont know this haha
    especially with the leggings, ugh

  12. I can’t agree with everything in this vid. 1. I wear tight joggers and
    jeggings with long t-shirts to cover my “junk” area. 2. Men in America
    stare at cleavage 24/7

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