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  2. Yes….Asia Prince is a fashiionista with his unique sense of dressing yet
    he still looks so stylish n charming. However, what his fans ( eels) love
    about him is his wonderful, awesome personality n good character. We love
    JKS to death, haha.

  3. Jang Keun Suk is so talented and fashionista!!! He has done a various
    hairstyles and it fits him somehow!! Oh goshh my fav drama of JKS you’re
    beautiful and my fav movie the baby and me!! 

  4. he’s the literal definition of the word “handsome” –> can pull of any
    styles (hair and outfit),with confidence, and will also still look dashing.
    😀 😀 one and only JKS!

  5. Showbiz Korea always making great notes 🙂 this is why I really like this
    program, thank you !! ♥ Love Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk ♥

  6. Thousands of fans…ARIRANG…should be more than that lol
    I think you mean well but..Don’t depreciate him please.; he deserves more
    to his credit…he is a very hardworking solo artist, up front, multi
    talented, full of genuine and unique ideas, with a sweet and fortright
    personality to match and we love him very much

  7. Showbiz Korea, thank you for this report! JKS is one of Korea’s best! He
    is a great actor and entertainer! He was awesome in every movie and drama
    he played in. I enjoyed everyone of them. Not only is he very
    artistic…and handsome of course :-), but he is also business minded…and
    quite perseverant! The man is admirable!

  8. Indeed, Jang Keun Suk is so diverse in his style and talent. No other
    entertainer is able to pull off both long and short hair to portray
    different characters like JKS does. He is definitely the trend setter for
    others to follow. So proud to be his eels ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  9. i love him to death . take care my love jang geun suk your eels will always
    be their for you :)

  10. Asian prince <3 sukkie is BST….lop ew xooooo much…..he is xoo
    talent..handsome…cute…awesome…bt don know why lee min ho's fan keep
    on saying bad thing to my sukkie…

  11. Love u JKS .. still waiting for youre new drama.. zikzik fighting.. pleasd
    come to indonesia

  12. I admit this guy had the quality that no other man/actor maybe that’s why
    they call him Prince asia

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