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    Jessica of Girls” Generation is captivating the global K-Pop fans as a
    proud ice princess. Krystal of F(x) is wowing everyone with the group”s
    powerful performances and unique charisma. As much as they are the members
    of popular girl groups, they are also sisters! Their real names are Jung
    Soo-yeon and Jung Soo-jung. They”re known as the Jung sisters. They are
    close sisters but show totally different fashion styles. Girlish Jessica
    and chic Krystal. We”ll check out the totally different fashion styles of
    the Jung sisters.
    걸리쉬 제시카 vs 시크 크리스탈
    대한민국을 넘어 전 세계 케이팝 팬들을 사로잡은 소녀시대의 도도한 얼음공주 제시카! 차별화된 음악! 파워풀한 퍼포먼스로 무대를 장악하는
    남다른 카리스마 에프엑스의 크리스탈! 대한민국을 대표하는 걸그룹의 멤버이자 우월한 유전자를 자랑하는 두 소녀! 제시카 & 크리스탈!
    정수연 & 정수정! 이름 하여 정자매~~!! 사이좋은 자매지만 스타일은 정반대라는 사실! 걸리쉬 제시카! 시크 크리스탈! 180도 전혀
    다른 정자매 스타일 대분석! 

  2. They’re stunning, I love both their fashion styles but I’m more like
    Krystal, incorporating boyish and unique clothes! (: #JungSisters4ever 

  3. I’m sorry but this making me laugh of how they wrote girlish lol.. she’s a
    soccer athlete and played boxing.. she usually doesnt wear high heels at
    all in her daily and she always in casual.. they just put those so old
    photo when she wore skirt lmao she’s even in jeans and pants often than
    wearing skirt.. she always wears oxford and flats..

  4. The one you interviewed, Choi Hye-yeon IS CLEARLY BIASED!! i understand
    that she was a former gg stylist but still its so unfair for her to say
    those those things, jessica being oh so lovely and krystal being okay. LIKE

  5. They’re very beautiful in their own way, and that’s what I love about them
    both! 🙂

    Some people may say that that they don’t look alike/are related, but think
    again, as this is all true as they are still the Sexy Jung Sisters of SM
    Entertainment! :D

  6. i wouldn’t call jessica girly. tbh her fashion style is somehow similar to
    krystal but it is more classier and refined, whereas krystal’s style is a
    little more edgy and trendy. i don’t get that part about her wearing skirts
    and dresses lmao. she’s always wearing a pair of jeans/pants and oxfords,
    and she’d only wear heels on special occasions. but who actually cares when
    you have amazing genes like jungsis, you’d look good in anything. i can’t
    wait for their show <3

  7. Completely disagree with Jessica being girlish here. There’s nothing in her
    style could be called girlish. Even if it has, it doesnt happen quite
    often. As what I know, both of them like skinny jeans and wearing flat or
    running shoes. Jessica’s style could be a bit more colourful than Krystal
    though. But I’m pretty sure that you could only see them im high heels just
    when it comes to stag and in real life, not so much. 

  8. Fashion Styles of Jessica and Krystal through Arirang’s Showbiz Korea

    Showbiz Korea – Fashion Styles of Jessica & Krystal 걸리쉬 제시카 vs 시크 크리스탈

  9. Lmaooooooo i cant with the whole things in this video
    Girly? Hahaha. Hi jessica was soccer player and she played boxing and she
    walks like a sergeant like man
    Jessica doesnt wear high heels in her daily and she always sneakers or
    oxfords and she wears jeans or skinny more often than skirt you know
    She has tons of sneakers and oxfords 

  10. jessica’s so feminine..she gives a girly feeling to anything she wear lol

  11. I don’t think so girlish is the best word to describe Jessica. Classy?
    Elegant? Not sure but with that hair colour she always look classy and
    elegant I think

  12. I don’t think Jessica is as girly as they portray her. GG’s early years
    were kinda a misrepresentation of a lot of them because they had to go for
    that young girly look. But I guess compared to krystal maybe it is seen as
    girly because krystal actually dresses more for comfort. She prefers
    sneakers over heals. pants over dresses, and few accessories. on their
    variety show amazing f(x) a lot of krystal’s outfits actually looked like
    stuff I could see amber wearing a similar version of :p. but I think that’s
    why I look at krystal more for fashion cuz she when off stage, I think she
    really puts comfort first XD.

  13. Jessica isn’y girly at all. Well, she’s classy and elegant like a princess,
    but totally not girly. She used to be a sporty girl back in her school
    days, and she wears jeans most of the time at the airport.

  14. Fashion Styles of Jessica and Krystal through Arirang’s Showbiz Korea

    Showbiz Korea – Fashion Styles of Jessica & Krystal 걸리쉬 제시카 vs 시크 크리스탈

  15. I have to agree with everyone else here. Jessica and Krystal are both chic.
    Jessica’s style is classy and she doesn’t wear high heels all the time.
    Krystal like to wear monochromatic and she does like to wear pants than
    skirts. ^_^

  16. Does anyone know what songs are being used in this video? I love them!

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