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  1. Nossa essa menina que entra com a Taylor super parece com a Taylor! Adorei
    essa entrada!

  2. Wow wow Taylor is gorgeous! She looks like she could be a supermodel
    herself too!!

  3. Very good show! Audio sounds a lil creepy when it’s slowed though aha! If
    any of you would be so kind our channel actually has an acoustic cover of
    Style on it and we’d love some feedback from fellow Taylor Swift lovers!
    Thanks if you do! :)

  4. I love the video. I noticed that she gives the females a kind of a predator
    look. Now I’m curious of her sexuality o.o 

  5. Taylor is tryna be one of them so hard. She just gets on my nerves urghhh.

  6. I love the fact Taylor performs on these shows, she is this female feminism
    picture and it just suits in with female fashion things :)

  7. Taylor is up there with some of the most beautiful women in the world and
    she out shines them all.

  8. did anyone see taylor swift smack that girls butt at 4;11 – 4:12?

  9. Stop talking about anorexia when you are watching this kind of videos.
    There are girls and boys that are skinny and healthier.

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