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  1. Wondering what’s trending for spring & summer 2015? Check out this video
    where I talk about the TOP 5 style trends that are out right now. Hopefully
    this can help you out if you have no idea what to wear or are going spring
    shopping and need some help. As I mentioned in my previous videos, I am not
    all about trends nor do you have to be either.. Trends are just a way to
    help you out when styling clothes or to pick and choose what trends you
    like best and make it your own. Let me know in the comments if there is any
    other trends or essential that I left out! -JW

  2. Woah I’m wearing the shirt you are!! Favorite shirt right now😍😍

  3. ummm… sadals!! i don’t know if you follow prince pelayo on ig but he’s
    totally bringing back sandals.. with more of a mexican influence. he’s
    totally wearing a guarache, and i love it! 

  4. Hey JW, have you ever seen the shoes from Vintage Artisan?
    They look amazingly good and I would be so happy, if you could use them in
    one of your upcoming style videos :)

  5. man i love this videos 🙂 do you have a website where i can see more

  6. +JairWoo two question. 1. Im not from the US so I dont know the name or
    style of his shirt in this video, can someone tell me??? 2. Where has your
    teeth gone? or have i never noticed?

  7. I feel as though denim never really goes “out of style”. But it’s
    definitely trending alot more this spring season. Especially because of the
    whole denim on denim trend; which is great if you know how to style it. No
    “Canadian tuxedos” if you know what I mean, lol.

  8. You should check out Hudson jeans. They make really high quality jeans,
    they’re a little expensive but if you get them on sale they last a long
    time and are totally worth it.


  10. Wow dude winter felt like a week for u, for me it felt like forever. I
    forgot wht warm weather feels like. Winter was brutal in East Coast. U guys
    in West r lucky.

  11. Seriusly??????it has almost been a week he cant keep a promise i am

  12. I definitely agree with you on the white and loafers. However, Denim and
    Floral Prints are done and over with. They are so two years ago. One thing
    I do recommend this spring is neon with pastels, striped shirts in a
    nautical style. Don’t wear boots, it is just dumb during summer. Like you
    said, Save your Hawaiian shirts for Hawaii. I would even say cargo shorts
    could look cute, but only tall people could pull those off, otherwise,
    people look heavier. 

  13. White pant ,white sneaker, thn where did u get the upper outfit?? The grey
    shirt?? :)

  14. You mention denim but don’t raise the new trend being led by Hollister and
    Diesel, the denim joggers? :o

  15. I need a club outfit for the spring and summer
    PLEASE HELP ME….!!!!!!

  16. I like your style tips … but I like your looks and personality even more
    😀 oh and what an awesome video editing and montage you have ;)

  17. Don’t assume all trends are actually stylish. Develop your own style.
    I discuss more trends that are in the upperechelon of style/fashion on my
    channel. Although this was a great video. I feel as though it was generic
    and not specified enough. For Example, Jeans and Chinos (correct way of
    saying “khakis”) are always in meaning they’re staples and not something
    that “trends”. Floral print to me was late 2012 early 2013.
    Also I thought you could talk more about color schemes instead of garments
    cause those trends too.

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